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Review: Stefan’s Diaries 2: Bloodlust

Title: Stefan’s Diaries 2: Bloodlust

Created by: L.J. Smith

Written by: Julie Plec & Kevin Williamson

4 stars


It’s been a few weeks since TVD season 3 ended. It’s one of my favorite Tv shows and I can’t wait for the next season to start.
In the meantime, I decided to read Stefan’s Diaries series. I’ve read the first book, Origins, some time ago, but I wasn’t really impressed. I enjoyed Bloodlust a lot more. The writing style is better than L.J. Smith’s.
The book is written in 1st person, from Stefan’s POV. That’s probably obvious, from the title ‘Stefan’s Diaries’, but I’m not happy about that, because Stefan’s never been my favorite character. I would like to read at least a few scenes in Damon’s POV. ‘Damon’s Diaries’ would have been perfect.
The book opens a week after Stefan and Damon are turned into vampires. Stefan likes being a vampire a bit too much and has no trouble killing people (mostly pretty girls). He’s discovered that he needs two feedings a day, so I guess that’s two dead people a day (he just doesn’t seem like the type to save some blood for later). Damon is a different case: he hates being a vampire and he’s still in love with Katherine. He hates his brother and he wants to die. Or kill Stefan. Because they can’t both live at the same time or something like that. It’s a little bit like Harry and Voldemort.
So, at the beggining of the book, they attend their father’s funeral, but thanks to that handy little device that points at vampires, they are discovered. They run away and end up in New Orleans.
After spending some time in a brothel, they separate. But other vampires are also in New Orleans. And some crazy humans, too. Of course, the Salvatore brothers are lucky enough to meet both. AND THAT’S WHERE THE TROUBLE BEGINS.
Damon getting in trouble leads to Stefan meeting his new love interest, the mountain lion Callie. I don’t like her. I felt more chemistry between Stefan and the girls he killed, than between Stefan and Callie. They like each other? Oookay. They’re in love? Please.
I also would have liked a bit more information about other people in the ‘freak show’. Are they there beacuse they want to be, or are they forced, like Damon?
I’m glad that Lexi’s in the book. I liked her in the show, especially her first appearance. I didn’t even know it’s her in the book until she said ‘I’m Lexi.’ Then I was like:” Of course! How didn’t I figure that out…”
The point of this book seems to have been explaining how Stefan turned good and Damon bad. I think the transition is too fast. (Seriously, Stefan? Do you ever change without a girl being involved?) This book is only a few weeks in Stefan’s life. I think going from bad to good would take a bit longer.

Stefan: “Vampires kill. It’s what we do, brother.”
Damon: “It’s what you do… Not me. Never me.”

And the last sentence is a bit too dramatic: “Because God help us all if I ever fall in love with another human . . .”

After writing this, I’m not really sure why I gave the book 4 stars. It seems like 3 would be more fitting.

I wonder if one of the later books in Stefan’s Diaries covers the time he spent with Klaus and Rebecca in Chicago? ‘Cause I’d love to read about that.

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