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Recommend a… Book by a Male Author


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Recommend a… is a meme created by Chick Loves Lit. Every Monday, we recommend a book that follows the prompt. This week’s prompt is ‘book by a male author’.

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

Koushun Takami’s notorious high-octane thriller is based on an irresistible premise: a class of junior high school students is taken to a deserted island where, as part of a ruthless authoritarian program, they are provided arms and forced to kill one another until only one survivor is left standing. Criticized as violent exploitation when first published in Japan – where it then proceeded to become a runaway bestseller – Battle Royale is a Lord of the Flies for the 21st century, a potent allegory of what it means to be young and (barely) alive in a dog-eat-dog world.


4 thoughts on “Recommend a… Book by a Male Author

    1. I haven’t read Lord of the Flies yet, but it’s on my TBR list. I heard good things about it, and it seems to be compared to Battle Royale a lot.


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