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Review: The Enemy’s Cosmetique

The enemy's cosmetique cover

Title: The Enemy’s Cosmetique

Author: Amélie Nothomb

5 stars

Jerome Angust is trying to read a book while waiting for a plane, when a stranger comes up to him and starts talking. And refuses to stop. The conversation between these two people, Jerome and Texel (the stranger), takes up 99% of the book. It’s a really short book, though. About 70 pages.
And it freaked me out.
At first Jerome does his best to get rid of Texel. His sarcastic replies to everything Texel says are one of my favorite things about this book. Texel is an extremely annoying and weird character. But as the story progresses, everything just gets quite creepy. I didn’t know what to expect from this book, so the plot twists really shocked me. But after the twists, the ending wasn’t surprising at all.
When I started reading it, I didn’t understand what the title and the cover meant. The title is explained in the book and I like it.
The cover of the edition that I read is also creepy (two hands holding eyes coming out of suits…), but it makes sense for the book.

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