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Review: The Summer of Skinny Dipping

The Summmer of Skinny Dipping cover

Title: The Summer of Skinny Dipping

Author: Amanda Howells

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Genre: Young Adult

There Are Some Summers You’ll Always Remember

Sometimes I wake up shivering in the early hours of the morning, drowning in dreams of being out there in the ocean that summer, of looking up at the moon and feeling as invisible and free as a fish. But I’m jumping ahead, and to tell the story right I have to go back to the beginning. To a place called Indigo Beach. To a boy with pale skin that glowed against the dark waves. To the start of something neither of us could have predicted, and which would mark us forever, making everything that came after and before seem like it belonged to another life.

My name is Mia Gordon: I was sixteen years old, and I remember everything.

5 stars

I started reading this book because I was in the mood to read something light. I ended up crying my eyes out.

The main character is 16-year-old Mia Gordon, whose family is going to spend the summer with their rich cousins in Hamptons. Mia can’t wait to see her cousin Corinne. But when they arrive, she realizes that Corinne has changed (turned into a snobbish bitch). Corinne’s sister and friends are even worse. Mia feels out of place until, at a rich kids party, she meets Simon.

I thought the first few chapters were not written as well as the rest of the book is. It took some time for the book to impress me. I admit I started enjoying it more when Simon showed up. I really liked the first meeting between them. It’s not love at first sight (thankfully).  The development of their relationship works really well with Mia’s personal development. At first, she had no confidence, said things she didn’t mean because she was scared of not fitting in, and all the while she felt fake because of that. But than she stated fighting for herself and Simon helped her, because he went through the same thing so he knew what it was like. I really didn’t expect him to be such an awesome character. His story quite surprised me.

It’s a great book about learning to accept yourself. Often, when I read a book where some character changes a lot in a short period of time,  I don’t like it, because it seems rushed. But in this book, it all felt so natural.

Definitely one of my favorite YA books 🙂

And I have to say this, but:


I was sure something bad was gonna happen because of that ‘I remember everything’ line in the blurb. So when I was reading the fire scene, I was like: SIMON, GET OUT!!! And after I was like: everything is okay! YES! and than THAT SCENE happened. And than I started crying.

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