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Review: Crumble

Crumble cover

Title: Crumble

Author: Fleur Philips

Genre: Young Adult

A modern tale of forbidden love…

Eighteen-year-old Sarah McKnight has a secret. She’s in love with David Brooks. Sarah is white. David is black.

But Sarah’s not the only one keeping secrets in the close-knit community of Kalispell, Montana. Her father George, who owns a local gun shop and proudly drives a truck with a Confederate flag bumper sticker, hides his own complicated past. When he discovers Sarah’s relationship, George decides to share his feelings with Alex Mackey—a lonely classmate of Sarah’s whom George has taken under his wing. As Alex embraces the power of George’s dark hatred, the hopes and dreams of young lives hang in the balance.

In just a few short months, Sarah and David will graduate from high school and leave Kalispell for a new life together in Los Angeles. Maybe in California, they can stop hiding their love—and the other secret they share…something George McKnight—and Alex Mackey—will never accept.

2 stars

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review.

Sarah and David are teenagers in an interracial relationship. Alex is their classmate with an abusive father. This story is told in Sarah’s POV and Alex’s POV – chapters alternate between the two of them.

This book is way too short for the story it’s trying to tell. Sarah and her best friend Megan are friends with three black guys in their school (one of them is David). We never get to know the two other guys because they’re barely in the book. I think the story would have more impact if there were more details about their friendship.

I couldn’t understand Sarah’s relationship with her dad. He’s “her favorite person in the world”. But he’s also a racist asshole. She knows that, which is why she has to hide her relationship from him. But she still doesn’t seem to realize that he’s really NOT a good person. I know he has a couple of good qualities, but that doesn’t change the fact that he hates David simply because of his skin color.

The book also deals with teenage pregnancy. It was obvious from the beginning of the book that Sarah’s pregnant. I love how supportive David was; they really do seem like a good couple. I didn’t like the scene in front of the abortion clinic. Sarah’s reaction to the protesters wasn’t very realistic.

At first I felt sorry for Alex. He’s being abused by his father, his mother refuses to admit that, he’s bullied and lonely. George is the person that helps him out the most. But he’s also the person that screws him up even more. Some of his decisions made sense, but others were just crazy. I didn’t enjoy his chapters as much as I enjoyed Sarah’s.

The quality of writing improved the more I read the book. The last chapter from Sarah’s POV is one of my favorites. There are lots of things I don’t like about the book, but I’d still say it’s worth reading.


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