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Review: Kpop Club




Kpop Club cover

Title: Kpop Club

Author: Y. R. Choi

Genre: Young Adult

Ice cold lattes and red hot kpop stars!
Krystal has just finished high school and is determined to achieve her dream of becoming a kpop star. After encountering a number of bumps in the road, she eventually auditions with big-time kpop producer, KYM. KYM signs her as the final member of his new multinational girl group, Kpop Club. With only 3 months to prepare for their debut performance, the Kpop Club girls must give everything if they are going to be ready in time. Will Krystal have what it takes to fulfil her dream, and could she have found someone special along the way?

3 stars

As a fan of K-pop, I was happy to find out about this book. It’s really short (only 64 pages) and it’s the first book in a series.

The book is about Krystal and her wish to become a kpop star. She auditions with two different record labels, that treat her in very different ways. I guess it’s a way of showing the bad and the good side of entertainment business. My problem is that the first one seemed too horrible (but if the rumors are true, it’s the more realistic one) and the second one too nice.

Krystal becomes the tenth member of Kpop Club, an international girl group. I like the idea of every member being from a different country, but there are TEN of them. I only remember a few names and there’s no way I could tell which countries they’re from. There are also the boys from The Andre Project, a popular boy band, whose member Andrew is Krystal’s love interest (the book never mentions dating bans that lots of idols have).

With so many characters in such a short book, the character development is seriously lacking. We don’t get to know anyone other than Krystal. And even her not very well. Once she’s signed, everything goes way too easy. Where’s all the difficult training that idols have? Or maybe Krystal was so lucky she ended up in the nicest entertainment company ever.

With all the faults it has, I still enjoyed reading the book. It was entertaining enough, but hopefully the sequel will be better. I want to read more books with a kpop theme (if anyone knows of any, please share).

This book is available for free download:


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