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Summer Lovin’ Readathon

It’s the first day of the Summer Lovin’ Readathon! I haven’t stated reading anything yet, because I had two exams today, but that’s over now, so I’m gonna start reading as soon as I’m done with this post.


Hello everyone, I’m Tanja and I’m blogging from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I made this blog about a year ago. Some months I post a lot, some months I post almost nothing… It all depends on what’s happening in my life and how motivated I’m feeling.

My goals:

When I first signed up, I seriously planned on reading War and Peace for this readathon (I have the book, it’s been waiting for ages for me to read it). But now, after all the studying and exams, I feel like reading something lighter, so War and Peace is gonna have to wait a bit longer.

What I plan on reading: The Summer I Became a Nerd, A Really Awesome Mess, Pushing The Limits, Dare You To, The Tale of Mally Biddle… But that’s just the plan and I’m not that good at following plans, so I might not read all of those 🙂


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