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Review: The Delta Anomaly

delta academy cover

Title: The Delta Anomaly

Series: Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

Author: Rick Barba

4 stars

This is the first book in the young adult series based on the 2009 Star Trek movie. It follows the lives of Kirk, Uhura, Bones, Spock and other characters in Starfleet Academy.

The book starts with a murder, the first in a series of murders where the seemingly intact victim is left without an internal organ. I thought the plot was interesting, but the resolution could have been better. There’s a lot of scientific talk in the book and I have no idea if there’s any real science in it, but nevertheless, it was fun to read about.

I kept forgetting that Kirk and Spock don’t actually know each other yet. There’s a LOT of Kirk in the book, but not much Spock. If I remember right, there was only one scene from his perspective, which is a shame, because I find his POV the most interesting.

I loved reading about the lives of cadets in the Academy. Kirk is trying to prove his leadership skills in one of the tests scenarios that’s not as difficult as the Kobayashi Maru test from the movie. Kirk also has a new love interest, Hannah and she’s quite awesome. Hopefully she shows up in the next book, too.

Spock and Uhura aren’t in a relationship yet. She obviously likes him, but who can figure out exactly what Spock feels? I look forward to reading more about the development of their relationship in other books.

The book is really short, but a lot of fun and a good read for all Trekkies.


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