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Top Ten Tuesday 6


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is: unusual character names.

1. Sherlock – I love Sherlock and I love his name. I wonder if there are any real people named Sherlock?

2. Frodo from LOTR – one of my favorite names. Much better than ‘Maura’.

3. Seregil from The Nightrunners series – the characters in fantasy books usually have unusual names, but there isn’t enough space for all of them on this list.

4. Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight – his name is Zero! It’s unusual and awesome!

5. Echo from Pushing the Limits – It’s weird but very pretty.

6. Hermione from Harry Potter series – it took me ages to learn how to pronounce it.

7. Katniss from The Hunger Games – I don’t really know why, but I think it fits her.

8. Alaska from Looking For Alaska – she picked her own name and she picked well.

9. Huckleberry Finn – I didn’t know how to pronounce this one either, but at least he has a short nickname.

10. Ponyboy from The Outsiders – weirdest name ever. Why would you call someone that?



6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 6

  1. I’m so glad there’s someone else out there who’s aware of the Nightrunners series! Seregil is such a cool name alongside all of the others you’ve included here. I just read the Harry Potter series this past summer; pronouncing Hermione’s name without already having heard it from my friends who like HP or the movies would have been near impossible.


    1. I love the Nightrunners! Can’t wait to read the next book.
      I didn’t know how to pronounce ‘Hermione’ until I watched the first movie.
      So you read the series without having to wait for the next book to be published… Lucky you!


  2. NO! I completely forgot about Sherlock and Echo while making my list! Wow, you picked some awesome names from awesome books. I’ve never been fond of the name Katniss but you’re right, it does suit her 🙂

    Roxy @ Story Envy


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