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Review: What’s a Girl Gotta Do?

robin hudson what's a girl gotta do cover

Title: What’s a Girl Gotta Do?

Series: Robin Hudson #1

Author: Sparkle Hayter

Meet Robin Hudson. Dumped by her husband, she’s been demoted to third-string reporter at New York’s All News Network. Her downstairs neighbor thinks she’s a hooker. Louise Bryant, her finicky cat, refuses to chow down on anything but stir-fry. Now Robin’s being blackmailed by a late-night caller who knows her childhood nickname and other personal stuff, like whom she gave her virginity to. What could be worse?

Being the prime suspect in the bludgeoning death of her mystery caller—that’s what. In life, he was a PI who had the skinny on everyone. Now, while Robin is undercover investigating a suspicious sperm bank, she must also find the killer and clear her name. In her downtime, she’s amusing herself with her hot new boy toy, who may not be Mr. Right but could be Mr. Close Enough. When someone else is murdered, Robin races to break the story before she makes headlines again—as the next victim.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review.

5 stars

Once upon a time, Robin Hudson had a good marriage, a promising career and she wasn’t a murder suspect. Pretty good life, right? But none of that is true anymore, because, at 35 years old, she’s getting divorced, she’s been demoted and to make everything better, a mysterious guy who knows things about her past is found dead and she’s a suspect. Her husband is now happy with another woman, she hates her new boss, her crazy old neighbor is convinced she’s a prostitute, but nothing is gonna stop Robin from trying to find the real murderer… right?

I enjoyed this book immensely. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the amount of characters introduced at the beginning. I was worried I won’t be able to keep track of all of them. There are unnecessary details about characters that aren’t very important, but some of them do add to the hilarity of the book.

Robin is an amazing character. The book is written in 1st person, so we see everything through Robin’s eyes and that happens to be a very fun way to see the world. She has weird hobbies, homemade weapons and something witty to say about everything that happens, no matter how bad it is. She’s a character with many flaws, but that doesn’t make her less likable. There are choices she makes that (if she was a real person) I absolutely wouldn’t support… even though, deep down, I know I’d probably make the same choice if I was her. Other characters are just as interesting. Mrs. Ramirez, the crazy neighbor, deserves her own book.

This is the first book in the Robin Hudson series that I’ll definitely keep reading. It’s a great mix of comedy and mystery and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys these two genres.


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