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Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

the martian cover


Title: The Martian

Author: Andy Weir

Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars. Now, he’s sure he’ll be the first person to die there. After a dust storm nearly kills him & forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead, Mark finds himself stranded & completely alone with no way to even signal Earth that he’s alive—& even if he could get word out, his supplies would be gone long before a rescue could arrive. Chances are, though, he won’t have time to starve to death. The damaged machinery, unforgiving environment or plain-old “human error” are much more likely to kill him first. But Mark isn’t ready to give up yet. Drawing on his ingenuity, his engineering skills—& a relentless, dogged refusal to quit—he steadfastly confronts one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after the next. Will his resourcefulness be enough to overcome the impossible odds against him?

Rating: 5/5

I’m the first person to be alone on an entire planet.

Sometimes I see a trailer of a movie based on a book and I think ‘this looks great, I have to read the book ASAP’. With The Martian, I actually did read the book as soon as I could. I’m so glad I did. From what I can see in the trailer, the movie sticks pretty close to the book and it looks amazing.

I loved the premise. A guy gets stuck alone on Mars and needs to figure out how to survive while everyone on Earth thinks he’s dead. The main character, Mark Watney, is very funny. He uses humor to deal with all the shitty situations he gets into and, maybe because of that, the book feels lighter than I expected. The one thing I’d say was missing is fear. There were lots of exicting situations, lots of suspense, and sure, the guy was scared, but I never really, really felt it.

The Martian is one of those books where eventually you start thinking ‘for fuck’s sake, how many more things can possibly go wrong?’. The answer is that absolutely fucking everything can go wrong. There were times when I seriously thought that there’s no way Mark is gonna survive all this crap. Because sometimes I forget that the book I’m reading is fictional and of course he can survive all of the crap. It was a bit of a relief that some of the book takes place on Earth. I like Mark, but after some time all the talk of potatoes gets a bit tedious.

People helping each other is a big deal in the book but if someone actually got stuck on a different planet, I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t be abandoned. Who knows, maybe I’m being cynical or maybe the book is very optimistic. Either way, it’s a great book and you should read it, especially if you like space.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

  1. I remember when I first got this novel as an advanced read copy, a few months before its release. It was by far one of my favorite books at the time. Simply astonishing as you said! Good review!


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