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Goodreads Book Tag

I saw this tag on A Bibliophile’s Obsession blog and decided I’d do it too 😀

1. What is the last book you marked as “read?”



Cybercrime and the Dark Net by Cath Senker – I got this book on Netgalley, and the last review I wrote was also for this book. It’s a pretty great book.




2. What are you currently reading?



The Pattern on the Stone by W. Daniel Hillis – I’m really into tech books lately. I’m already familiar with most ideas in this book, but it’s still a very interesting read.




3. What was the last book you marked as “to read?”



Waste of Space by Gina Damico – I came accross this book on Netgalley, it seems interesting so I added it to my TBR, but it won’t be out for months and months.

4. What book do you plan on reading next?

Maybe The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. Or maybe Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Or maybe something completely different. It all depends on my mood.

5. Do you use the star rating system?

Yeah. But some of my old ratings can’t be trusted. Sometimes I’m too nice so I give more stars than the book deserves.

6. Are you doing the 2016 reading challenge?

Yes, and so far I’ve read 83 out of 100 books.

7. Do you have a wishlist?

Yeah, basically all the books I love and all the books I want to read are on my wishlist.

8. What book do you plan on buying next?

I’m trying really hard to not buy any books right now. I still have a few books on my shelves that I haven’t read yet.

9. What is your favorite quote?

There are way too many, but here’s one from the book Call Me by Your Name by Andre Aciman, that I recently read and loved:

Today, the pain, the stoking, the thrill of someone new, the promise of so much bliss hovering a fingertip away, the fumbling around people I might misread and don’t want to lose and must second-guess at every turn, the desperate cunning I bring to everyone I want and crave to be wanted by, the screens I put up as though between me and the world there were not just one but layers of rice-paper sliding doors, the urge to scramble and unscramble what was never really coded in the first place—all these started the summer Oliver came into our house. They are embossed on every song that was a hit that summer, in every novel I read during and after his stay, on anything from the smell of rosemary on hot days to the frantic rattle of the cicadas in the afternoon—smells and sounds I’d grown up with and known every year of my life until then but that had suddenly turned on me and acquired an inflection forever colored by the events of that summer.

10. Who are your favorite authors?

J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Lois McMaster Bujold, Oscar Wilde, Georgette Heyer and many, many more.

11. Are you a part of any Goodreads groups?

Right now I’m in six groups, but I’m only (sometimes) active in one. I joined and left so many groups and I always want to be more active, but I never am.

12. What could Goodreads do better?

You know those messages people sometimes send with friend requests? I want those to be saved somewhere. Sometmies I click on ‘accept’ too quickly and then the message is gone forever.


I wasn’t tagged, so I’m not gonna tag anyone, but if you wanna do it, go ahead 😀


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