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Review: Manga Classics: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo


Title: Les Miserables

Series: Manga Classics

Authors: Victor Hugo, SunNeko Lee, Crystal S Chan, Stacy King

“By adapting Les Miserables to manga form, it opens the original story up to even more readers while remaining true to the heart of Victor Hugo’s novel with the complexities of right and wrong, justice, and human nature. While the account of the riots that took place after General Lamarque’s death are fictionalized–just as they are in the source material–there is a definite attempt to capture the feeling and setting of France and the history of the French Revolution.
As with any adaptation, some things have been omitted and order of events tweaked to fit the new format, but that lends itself to examining stories through a different lens. Pair the manga scenes with the matching passages from the book and scenes from movie adaptations for an activity on how information is presented through different media.”

Rating: 3/4

I received this book on Netgalley in exchange for a review.

The good thing about adapting Les Miserables is that you can skip big parts of the book without actually missing any important plot points, but the bad thing is that even after skipping all of those, the book is still huge and you will probably have to rush some storylines. In the case of this adaptation, it’s obvious that some parts are rushed (the revolution, for example). I don’t know how much sense would this story make to somebody who hasn’t read the novel.

The art is pretty good except that some characters look really young, but that happens with lots of manga adaptations, so I’m going to forgive that. It’s a pretty decent adaptation but it would be better with additional 100 pages – or maybe the entire story shouldn’t be in one volume.


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