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Review: Little Kids and Their Big Dogs by Andy Seliverstoff


Title: Little Kids and Their Big Dogs

Author: Andy Seliverstoff

Genre: Photography

From hugely popular photographer Andy Seliverstoff of St. Petersburg, Russia, comes this utterly charming collection of just what the titles says — little kids and the big dogs they love.
Through the prism of Seliverstoff’s magic lens, impossibly big dogs (Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Leonbergers, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds, to name a few) and some rare ones (like Komondorok and Bracchi Italiani) telegraph the special relationships they have with the children in their lives.
“In the end, I hope the photos convey this important message: Love for dogs and children makes people kinder,” Seliverstoff says.

Rating: 5/5

I received this book on Netgalley in exchange for a review.

I can’t rate this book anything less than 5 stars because it’s such a happy book 🙂

Like the title says, it’s a book full of photos of little children and their dogs. There are also very short stories about the kids and their relationship with the dogs. The photos are beautiful, the dogs are very fluffy and the connection between kids and dogs is obvious.

I went ‘awww’ on every single photo, and I think the version that I got isn’t even complete, so there are even more pictures in the finished version. If you want something happy and cute in your life, you should check out this book. Or get a dog 🙂


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